QuickBooks Hacked? – What to Watch for & Avoid


Russian hackers have found a way to access your QuickBooks. The hackers gain access with a
phony message to update QuickBooks. The update message shows up as a pop-up & clicking on
the message allowed hackers to download a non-QuickBooks file to your computer, making
QuickBooks inoperable and giving hackers access to your computer.

Here is the error message to watch for, once installed. Note the contact number is not an Intuit
Technical Support number:


The only way QuickBooks should be updated is to go to the Help menu and down to Update
QuickBooks Desktop. Contact Judy at (702) 372-0027 or Judy@choicebookkeepinglv.com to
have your QuickBooks updates and/or bookkeeping handled by a certified bookkeeping