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Mission statement:
Your path to Reliable, Accurate, Accounting for Optimized Business Success

Choice Bookkeeping will provide all of our clients with increased profitability through prompt, accurate, professional, and ethical services resulting in value to the community, profit to the client and glory to God.

Choice Bookkeeping Advantages and Values:
~ Family Owned and Operated Business
~Highest level of QuickBooks Certifications
~Over 25 years of experience in multiple industries.
~Long Standing Business with proven track record of excellence
~ Honesty and Integrity at the forefront of all our practices.
~ Focus on Business Value and Profitability
~ Competitive Affordable Rates to service any size businesses needs

Why Choose us?

Proper record keeping and its accuracy have a direct and significant impact on your business and its future. Improper record keeping will lead to countless interactions with government agencies for inaccurate or incomplete compliance. Costing you not only time but money in fees, fines, and penalties.

Don’t waste your valuable time and risk unwanted and unnecessary audits.

Let Choice Bookkeeping help you streamline, automate & improve your record keeping to maintain accuracy and compliance while maximize your available time for doing what you do best.

You may ask what does Today’s “Professional Bookkeeper” provide you with? Time Savings, Cost Savings, Accurate information, and a trusted resource for establishing and achieving your business goals. Today’s professional bookkeeper not only knows the ins and outs of best business practices but helps you utilize them. We at Choice Bookkeeping Inc are able to keep up on the ever-changing list of accounting and tax rules that effect your bottom line. We know the answers to dozens of questions on how to record expenses, how to file and pay sales tax, what payroll taxes are required by state and federal agencies and more.

Why? Because, in today’s entrepreneurial company, the heart of the American economy and the key to its future success is proper bookkeeping. The right bookkeeper is the de facto CFO. Even the greatest CPA cannot create strong financial statements from faulty or inaccurate data. Who cares about a small company’s financial statements, WE Do! When the bank is making a loan decision properly prepared financial documentation is essential for loan approval. Our accurate bookkeeping, prior experience and willingness to assist you in achieving Loan approval, Vendor credit increases or maybe a refinance, is what sets us apart from the rest.

My expertise has helped business owners to establish and understand their accounting records. My auditing skills have collectively saved my clients over $500,000 annually. Your ability to understand and keep accurate records will significantly improve your daily operations and future revenue. 

Certified QuickBooks & QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor

Extensive training and annual testing are required to achieve and maintain Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor status. As a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and trainer for over 14 years, we can provide solutions to many of your industry specific QuickBooks and business issues. Certification enables us to help you use, customize and optimizing QuickBooks. Our expertise is offered through phone Support as well as remote desktop support. ProAdvisor status enables us to pass our unique additional Discounts on products and services to you as an added benefit and cost savings with your engagement for services.

AIPB Certified Bookkeeper (CB)

What is a certified Bookkeeper you might ask? In 1998, the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) set the first and only national standard in advanced bookkeeping: The Certified Bookkeeper Program. A Certified Bookkeeper must be able to do the following; have the proven ability to handle the books for any company or individual. 

To become certified through AIPB, a bookkeeper must pass an initial exam and there after maintain certification through yearly continuing education programs.

The AIPB requires the Following to gain and Maintain Certification

The AIPB requires the Following to gain and Maintain Certification:

1. basic bookkeeping skills, including double-entry accounting.

2. Pass a national exam in advanced bookkeeping at Prometric Test Centers.

3. Have at least 3,000 hours (2 years) of on-the-job experience in bookkeeping.

4. Sign a Code of Ethics that assures commitment to integrity.

5. Continuously update skills by earning 20 Continuing Education Credits every year to maintain certification status.

About Judy

My name is Judy Keith-Wynn, I am a AIPB Nationally Certified bookkeeper, QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor and accountant with over 25 years of business accounting experience. I am an Owner and founder of Choice Bookkeeping Inc. since 2006. Providing all of my clients with prompt, accurate, professional, and ethical services resulting in value to the community, profit to the client and glory to God is my top priority. I am an avid horse lover, trainer and shower.

April German

April brings 10 years’ experience in small business bookkeeping to the company. She has an Associate’s degree in business, is skilled in QuickBooks Desktop and is a certified in QuickBooks Online. In her spare time, she enjoys hikes with her dog and road trips to new places.

Derrol W Wynn

Is a cofounder and Owner of Choice Bookkeeping Inc. He is also a licensed Real Estate Broker and Land Developer. His over 30 years of international business experience and development is a valuable resource, enabling our clients better planning and decision making.