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QuickBooks Desktop 2020 discontinued after May 31, 2023 Contact us today for assistance upgrading to a newer version of QuickBooks and avoid service interruptions -Judy Keith-Wynn QuickBooks Desktop 2020 will be discontinued on May 31, 2023. As of May 31, you'll no longer have access to: • Services like [...]

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LASER March Madness Volunteer Month LASER is making March our “Volunteer March Madness Month”. We are hoping to add to our wonderful team of volunteers this year and will be doing several things to reach out to folks who might be interested in finding out more about LASER. We will be [...]

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Important changes to QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale As a valued partner, we want to let you know about upcoming changes to QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale (POS) before notifying QuickBooks POS customers. We introduced QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale over 20 years ago to help retailers better manage their stores, [...]

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Be on the lookout for your updated State Unemployment rate and maximum. You should be receiving notices at the end of year at latest. Please let us know when you receive them or if you have any questions. Blessings to all of you. - Choice [...]

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10 Ways to Reduce Small Business Costs Reducing costs in your small business and creating processes that will cost you less money over time doesn't have to take a lot of time or even a lot of effort. In many cases, it's about making smarter choices when deciding where to put [...]

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Wait to Install QuickBooks 2023 Please wait until February of 2023 to upgrade to the latest version of Intuit QuickBooks desktop 2023. This will give them time to work out initial bugs and "features" that cause problems for many.  Thank you! What's new in QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus 2023 QuickBooks [...]

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Happy Independence Day Happy 4th of July. The following is a poem I wrote about our country.I love my country because, It's given me the freedom we all deserve to have, and protected others' freedom in far off lands.I love this country for its people with their Different thoughts and ways.They lift [...]

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Upcoming changes to QuickBooks products and pricing A message from Ted Callahan and Miranda Henely and the entire QuickBooks Accountant team: Thank you for being a valued partner. We appreciate all you do to help small businesses succeed. As part of our commitment to tell you about business decisions that impact [...]

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QuickBooks Desktop 2019 software will be discontinued We're letting you know that your QuickBooks Desktop 2019 software will be discontinued after May 31, 2022, which means you will no longer be able to access your QuickBooks Payroll. To avoid service interruptions and continue getting the latest features and security updates, upgrade [...]

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